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5,000-acre state park, seven unique city parks, wetlands

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Lewes -

The First Town in the First State

The City of Lewes, Delaware is located where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the area known as Cape Henlopen. The naturally beautiful area with beaches on both the ocean and the bay, trails, and nature preserves add to the many reasons to visit this small historic town settled by the Dutch in 1631. In addition to natural beauty, this charming city offers a wonderful historic district, with architecture dating back to the 17th century, museums, special tours, cozy accommodations, restaurants to please any palate, and unique shops and boutiques all within walking distance of each other. The City of Lewes welcomes visitors and locals to enjoy all that Lewes has to offer.

Among the many reasons that people are attracted to Lewes is to experience the many exciting events here. There is something for everyone – year-round. They offer fun, education, live music and theater, outdoor activities, an independent film festival, an award-winning farmers market, and so much more!

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