Kaisy’s Delights

tea party set up for Kaisey's Delights logo

The fairy tale goes on at Kaisy’s Delights®. The improbable Austrian chalet erected by Kaisy’s Delights® on 1548 Savannah Road in Lewes is now ready to host the Emperor at any moment. Kaisy’s Delights® is now offering a finer sit-down dining experience in a setting that could have been designed by Tinker Bell. ”Zum Chalet” can be found on the left as you enter Kaisy’s Delights® in Lewes. Pink napkins in an elegant room await His Royalty and whomever might want to enjoy the ineffable breakfast and lunch options from the Austro-Hungarian Empire such as Lox, latkes and sour cream and Wienerschnitzel . French alternatives and American favorites are on the menu as well, because we are “kRaisy”, right? Kaisy’s Delights® also delivers award-winning breakfast sandwiches on the Kaiser rolls, homemade potato latkes, and homemade Goulash soup! Everything can be ordered in cups to go thanks to our drive thru, or inside in a typical Austrian and alpine atmosphere, together with a cup of coffee from La Colombe. Just the best coffee roasters in the planet, according to Gordon Ramsey !!