Nectar Café & Juice Bar

a green smoothie with the word nectar on it

Nectar is a place of whimsy, delicious indulgence and breakfast that lasts all day long. Opened in 2015 by Sarah McKeown, and now owned by long-time Lewes restaurateur, Lisa McDonald, the cafe’/juice bar specializes in signature and healthy fresh-pulped juices, crafted coffees, creative eats and treats and the aforementioned breakfast until it’s time to go home. While some call it a breakfast oasis, it would be a crime (and a missed opportunity) to not spend some time here enjoying fresh baked goods (many gluten free) including muffins, tortes, cookies, scones and delicious vegan selections and a Bloody Mary, or two, during a well-deserved long and lingering brunch. If hearty hand-helds are more your thing, try our half-pound burger, topped with an egg, it’s a protein lover’s dream. And our CBLT just might spoil the classic BLT for you forever.