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After studying how Jesus did “church” and finding he was rarely in a building, Seaside Church has decided to stay virtual and develop a new model of a “Pop-Up” Church. We gather together once a month or a quarter for a meal and fellowship. This allows our congregation to travel and be out impacting our communities rather than just being in a building. At the moment our service uses a two-way platform that may be accessed either by the URL – or by calling in via any phone to the Conference Number – 302-202-9925. Currently we are choosing to leave the video off so that those who don’t have access to using video will not feel left out. Sermon notes with links for music are sent out before the service by an email list. Please call Pastor Charlie Arnold, 302-542-9783 to join that list. Seaside Virtual Worship Sunday 10 am ~~~ Deeper Bible Discussion Wed 6:30 pm.