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The Village Volunteers are still supporting older adults for essential services. We are still transporting members to meet their medical needs , e.g., Lab, physician, pharmacy. We are shopping for our members versus with them. We are conducting friendly phone calls instead of the friendly visits and we are writing cards/notes to members. Our volunteers have decided which of these services they would like to participate. The Village is fortunate to have such incredible volunteers. The older adults are so grateful!…………………… Who we are… The Village is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to helping older adults live independently at home for as long as possible. The Village provides volunteer support, services, and programs that enhance the lives of our members by helping them remain engaged in a variety of social, educational and cultural activities. A member of the Village to Village Network of over 200 Villages nationwide. What we do…. Provide services and programs to Village members in the Eastern Sussex County area. Send volunteers in response to calls from Village members for transportation (doctor, dentist, hairdresser, grocery store), an help with household tasks, errands, cellphones, computers, TV remotes, and programming thermostats. Village members often enjoy friendly home visits and telephone chats with our volunteers. Provide a list of vendors, vetted by The Village as requested and we offer a wide variety of social and educational activities. Why join us…. To live as independently as possible as you age at home. To be a part of a community of neighborly support. To promote Sussex County as an elder friendly community. We would like to tell you more about The Village. Call us at 302-703-2568 or visit our website, to learn more about the types of Village memberships we offer. Get to know us before you need us…become a volunteer!!

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